With another fruit season on our doorstep the excitement around the possibilities of what the next crop could bring are endless. The seasonal nature of the industry and the upfront investment required can often make it difficult to draw a line in the sand and assess how your business has performed, but that doesn't mean that it should just be overlooked. With the constant pressure of being price takers within the market and the cost of production increasing year on year, it is not just important to understand how you have performed historically, but there also needs to be realistic targets set for the season ahead. To put simply, you can't control what you don't monitor.

This then leads into the cashflow requirements of the operation. Cash is the lifeblood of any business and we all know what happens when that lifeblood slows or even stops. Understanding how your business is performing combined with getting a grasp on the seasonal cashflow cycles is key to effectively managing any financial pressures. One of the biggest issues arises from the capital requirements of an orchard and the timing of these. While it might be easy to identify a poor performing block and make the decision to replant, it is not as easy to take into consideration the full impact of such a decision including nurturing the trees to the point of production. Can these costs be absorbed through your current business performance or do you need to develop a strategy to get through? How will these plantings impact the lifeblood of the business? What originally seemed to be a straight forward decision suddenly got a lot more complicated.

Fruit is a far simple and the end consumer will purchase that piece of fruit without taking into consideration the amount of time and effort that the grower needs to contribute. Without having industry specific experience it can be difficult for anyone to really understand your business and the challenges that you face. The good news is that Synergise My Business can help you with all this and more. Our unique Radar Reporting have options designed specifically for the orchard industry which will allow you to pick up blips with your business in a far more timely manner. You will be able to made informed decisions, have visibility over how your orchard is performing and start to feel in control again.

Is it time to start monitoring and take control or is this season going to be another one left to chance?