Taking the step into business is a huge decision, with not just our own livelihoods depending on it succeeding but also those who have decided to join us on the journey. This pressure can often result in us not feeling like we can step away and is most likely part of the reason why a large portion of small business owners do not find the time to take a break. But in reality, is taking time away really going to be detrimental to the business?

After a very eventful 2018 my lovely wife pushed me to get away for a few days, and while I was sitting watching the sunrise over Wilson Promontory on the last day of our break it got me thinking of the benefits these few days had on me. Below are my top reasons to get away for both yourself and the business..... and also that amazing sunrise that got me thinking about all this in the first place.

Recharge those batteries

We have all had that feeling of being stuck in the same routine and the daily grind, with our drive lessening each and every day. That spring in our step is no longer as it was and that contagious enthusiasm that our team members and customers have become accustomed to has somewhat dulled. It is amazing what even a little break from the daily routine of business can do to bring these back to their former glory. You will come back reinvigorated and full of refreshing optimism which brings me to my next reason.

Start using the right side of your brain

The left side of our brain is said to control both logic and analysis and we can often become quite stuck in this mindset. But it is creativity and imagination that could be the solution to that pressing issue or what could help to develop that next big idea. Relaxation leads to creativity and as leaders is where we need to spend more time. Manage with the left side but lead with your right!

WOW! Look at that big picture

Everyone expresses just how busy they are and there are always more and more "urgent" tasks getting added to the list on a daily basis. It is no wonder that we get so bogged down in the detail that we miss the opportunity to step back and look at the bigger picture. We all know that when we are unable to work something out that walking away and looking at the problem with a fresh set of eyes will often resolve the issue - so why don't we do this with business? Get away and start to see the orchard again instead of just all those fruit trees.

Refocus on those most important to you..... and yourself too

Life is all about balance, and while we can get so focused on achieving our goals we can end up inadvertently neglecting those most important to us (as well as ourselves). Spend the time to reconnect with family and friends and more importantly reconnect with yourself. Pick up a book and learn something new (even if it is just a different perspective), or take the time to really engage with those close to you while you are not distracted with those business decisions. For me, I found that this was the most rewarding part of taking some time out.

Experience the now

Burnout is a real thing and can have a significant negative impact on both our personal lives as well as the business. Allowing ourselves to get outside and smell the roses, bask in the sun while listening to the ocean or just passing a lazy day in a hammock can really help to reassess our well-being. Experience the now without the judgement of the past or the concerns surrounding the future. Take the time to feel each breath while letting go of the stress and demands that we have placed on ourselves. You can almost feel things just melt way while enjoying the moment of being away.

These people are amazing

Delegation can be one of the hardest things to do, but in saying that it can often be one of the most rewarding for all involved. We all know that is makes sense to delegate but in the heat of the moment the control is comfortable. Making the decision to step away for a break forces us out of that comfort zone and allows others to flourish. When given the opportunity it is amazing what people can achieve and you may just be surprised at how incredible the people around you actually are.

From Synergise My Business we wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year. Bring on 2019 and maybe one of your resolutions should be to make that time to get away more..... it will definitely be one of mine!