Radar Reporting

Dashboard Reporting

Working closely with key members of your business, Synergise My Business can identify and establish the Key Performance Indicators unique to your business, enabling the relevant and most important areas of your business to placed on your business radar and accurately monitored.

Through the regular gathering of data, consistent scorecards can be created for you, analysing the performance of your business on numerous levels and making sure that strategies are effectively implemented.

What "Business Blips" are you currently missing?

Divisional Performance

It is all well and good to invest the time and resources into establishing a clear costing structure, but just having this in place is not enough. 

Divisional Performance reporting will take your financials to another level. providing you as the business owner more visibility than ever. Having financial information at this more granular level breaks your business down to more manageable bit sizes, while also allowing for accountability and key performance indicators to be placed with key management instead of resting with you as the business owner.

You can't afford not to have Divisional Radars scanning your business to identify potentially costly "Business Blips". We often find that through the implementation and monitoring process that it helps to raise questions around why things are they way they are, which in turn creates positive business changes.

Inventory Management

Businesses which are product-oriented usually struggle to manage inventory at optimum levels. There's a constant tug-of-war going on between the need to have sufficient product to fulfil demand, and the desire to avoid the very costly pitfalls associated with overstocking.

Small to medium businesses often find this issue tougher as they try to manage inventory without personnel equipped with the expertise or tools to adequately handle the requirement. 

Synergise My Business can work through these challenges with you and provide guidance and reporting to help you effectively monitor your inventory levels.

Productivity and Sales Reporting

Almost every business owner needs help improving both sales as well as productivity. How do you achieve greater sales with increased efficiency and how do you subsequently measure it? There are many formulas out that state the obvious, however, it is essential that for any business to succeed they need to be accurately measured. 

Just because you are seeing an increase in sales doesn't necessarily result in a positive for your business, and the same can be said for a decrease in your overall labour input. Understanding your drivers and being able to convert information into a user friendly format is key to not only understanding how your business is performing, but to be able to assign accountability to key management positions.

Implementing these radars to scan out across your business and provide accurate and timely information is essential to the overall success of your business. Our Business Success Partners have both the tools and knowledge to get this reporting functional.

Radar Lock Budget and Forecasting

A good budget is a necessity in a good business plan. It is one of the best business tools you can have, enabling you to set financial targets and measure your performance.

In addition to goal-setting value, budgets will often improve your chances of acquiring funding. Financiers often require budgets as a prerequisite for funding approval.

The techniques we utilise to form financial projections enable you to consider future scenarios and provide you with goals to strive for in your business. There are many types of budgets. We can help you design the right budget for your requirements.

Let us show you how a budget can provide feedback that helps you lock your radar onto the future of your business!